What is Wurst Take?

Wurst Take is a parody debate show where Sweeben J. Swift and Prance Fjordless cover a wide range of topics that may or may not matter.

How is it made?

Wurst Take is powered by human-AI collaboration—humans create all artwork and non-voice audio for the show, as well as write all of the code to run the application. AI generates almost all dialogue and all voice audio.

    What is Show Dojo?

    Show Dojo is a channel on Twitch and YouTube that publishes Wurst Take and future content created with the help of generative AI.

    Show Dojo Media is a mostly-one-person independent media company.

      Can I advertise/sponsor Wurst Take?

      For advertising/sponsorship inquiries, email kyle@showdojomedia.com.

      Is the dialogue moderated for content?

      Yes, dialogue is moderated to avoid sensitive content. Still, statements made by the characters on the show do not reflect the views and opinions of the humans involved.

      Can you make something for me or my organization? I have an idea.

      Yes. For business inquiries, email kyle@showdojomedia.com.